Too Good for Drugs

High school level prevention education through social and emotional learning.

Program Overview

Dawson County High School Health Teachers administer “Too Good for Drugs” curriculum to all 8th and 9th graders that go through Health class. The curriculum builds social emotional competency to foster self and social awareness and to equip students with the self management skills they need to choose healthy alternatives to substance use.

How it Works

Too Good for Drugs applies developmentally appropriate activities in an interactive, student driven format to build and reinforce essential social skills including: setting reachable goals, making responsible decisions, identifying and managing emotions, communicating effectively, bonding with pro-social peers and resisting negative influence.

What are DCHS students saying?

Below are key results from the 2016-17 Dawson County High School Individual State survey administered to 9th grade health classes as a supplement to the curriculum.


of DCHS students recall ads about substance abuse prevention


of DCHS students have talked to a parent about the dangers of alcohol use


of DCHS students disapprove of peers drinking alcohol nearly everyday


of DCHS students agree adults in their life believe it's wrong for teens to drink