Positive Social Norms

More than 8 out of 10 Dawson County High School teens are alcohol-free.

Not drinking (and not allowing drinking) is the NORM in Dawson County

We conduct an annual Community Adult Survey, as well as the Georgia Student Health Survey in Dawson County High School. These survey results guide our Positive Social Norms strategy statistics which influence change around underage drinking.


of Dawson Co. High School students haven't tried alcohol in the last 30 days


of Dawson Co. High School students had not binge drank in the last 30 days


of Dawson adults say their behaviors changed due to the Be the Key campaign



of Dawson parents agree they can help prevent underage drinking

Perception versus Reality

Some youth may be tempted to drink based on the belief that “everyone else is doing it.” This is a very common perception, but the numbers show it isn’t true. In reality, most teens are not using drugs or alcohol…healthy choices are actually the norm. According to our 2016 Community Adult Survey, almost 68% of Dawson respondents overestimated the number of Dawson youth that are actually drinking. By educating our community about this reality we can create a “positive social norm” in which underage drinking is not acceptable.

Promoting Positive Social Norms

Positive Social Norms (PSN) is a media campaign aiming to influence behavior by changing the common perception that underage drinking is the norm. The campaign also works to change the perception that parents allow and approve of youth drinking. Using multiple types of media, the PSN campaign works to spread these messages and correct the misperception. This also reinforces the positive choices our community is making, showing that there are alternatives to drugs and alcohol.