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About Family Connection

Family Connection is a community-based collaborative committed to strengthening Dawson County families and children. Our experience and track record of success working in the area of community health led to the award of a major grant by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Office of Behavioral Health Prevention, to Family Connection in 2011. This grant funding charged Family Connection with addressing the issue of underage drinking in Dawson County.

About CAPA

CAPA (Community Action & Prevention Alliance) is a substance abuse prevention coalition formed by Family Connection. Our current mission is to educate the Dawson County public, especially our youth, about the dangers of addictive substances as well as to support local prevention, treatment and enforcement efforts. The coalition was founded in response to community-wide concern about methamphetamine, with our original focus primarily on eradication of this dangerous drug. Over time, our focus has expanded to include addressing all forms of substance abuse.

Drug Use Facts

Percentage of US population that used the listed drugs at least once in their lifetime. Source: 2014 National Survey of Drug use and Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse.

  • Alcohol 80%
  • Cigarettes 57%
  • Marijuana 44%
  • Smokeless Tobacco 16%
  • Hallucinogens 15%
  • Cocaine 14%
  • Pain Relievers 14%
  • Meth 5%
  • Stimulants 2%
  • Heroin 2%

Be the Key

This campaign focuses on the prevention of underage drinking in Dawson County.


A collection of useful prevention tools and resources for Dawson parents and teens.


Stay connected with us through our website, Facebook, Twitter, or contact us directly.

Community is Key

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Nancy Stites

Nancy Stites


Nancy Chambers

Nancy Chambers

"Be the Key" Coordinator

Rebecca Bliss

Rebecca Bliss

Administrative Assistant

Sticking together for substance abuse prevention.